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One size fits most
Bougie Express:🔥Only thing pressed is my nails🔥
Nails that give you a non-damaging🔨💅
instant FULLSET for a fraction of the time and money spent in salons.
Each nail set is limited edition, can be removed, reapplied and customized
damaged nails🚫
expensive repairs 💵💰
hours waiting in a salon🕓💈
long dry times
press on nails these are not your average glue on nails these are definitely worth the BOUGIE stamp these are REUSABLE press on nails built with Material made to withstand daily wear they can also be made with acrylic upon special request and adhered with glue nail tabs or acrylic also each order come with everything needed for application
Bougie express press-on nails are not one-size-fits-all failing to  buy a sizing kit or not measure your nails at home using the sizing chart provided can result in receiving a product that is too big or too small 
I have found that most people can fit a medium or large set so if  you wish to skip the previous options you can send a photo of your nail beds immediately after your purchase and I can use this photo to try and estimate what size will be best for you ( NO guarantee) if receive your nails and they are too big/small you have several options 
Option 1: (recommended) buy a 20 nail nail set this includes 2 pieces of all 10 size available
Option 2: if you already have a general idea of whether you have big fingers or small fingers you can purchase two sets of the same color or complementing color this way you have enough nails in the event you have two fingers that require the same size nail
Option 3: If your press on nails are to big File the nails on the side into place so they fit your nails 
Option 4: Send them back and I'll replace them (must purchase shipping)
Option 5: Get an incentive on the next set you purchase

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